Befriending Failure Workshop at Tapia Conference

We’ve organized a panel and improvisational play workshop at the ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing called ‘Befriending Failure is Simply Smarter!’

Nobody likes to fail yet women and minorities have learned that failures are to be avoided, at all costs, and there is evidence that they have learned this from the experience of facing and anticipating discrimination. Studies have shown that women are so averse to failure that they don’t apply for jobs unless they feel 100 percent qualified. Minorities fear that failure will expose what they do not know and that the failure will be used to justify negative stereotypes in the culture. Women derive less confidence from positive feedback than men of the same caliber, and negative feedback takes a greater emotional toll. This panel is an effort to normalize failure. The panel shares failures that have been part of their personal and professional life. And not just those failures that had a happy ending, but also those that were just that, failures. What do we do with them? Do they all have silver linings? Can they be understood, embraced and let go? In addition to discussions and Q&A, we will use improvisational play to shift the focus away from failure avoidance towards building and learning as a group to accept, embrace and let go. In this interactive panel session, the audience and panel will play with failure.

Bushra Anjum, Amazon

Maria Patterson, University of Washington
Misbah Mubarak, Argonne National Laboratory
Raquell Holmes, improvscience

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