Big data BOF at Tapia Conference

We’ve organized a Birds of a Feather at the ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing called ‘Turning Big Data into Big Opportunities’.

The goal of this BOF is to facilitate a meeting place where participants to the Tapia conference interested in Big Data and Analytics can network and learn about education and industry opportunities as well as discuss research topics and trends in Big Data Insights. Most discussions about big data are usually about large datasets that are logistically difficult to present or manage and can be a challenge to process using traditional tools. Discussion includes the collection techniques of large environmental data and its analysis, major challenges with the High Performance Computing (HPC) community, currently available tools and techniques for scalable and efficient analysis of data-intensive scientific applications in HPC, the White House Open Big Data Initiative and how we harness “Big Data” to address problems to create social positive impact. Finally we conclude the session discussing the use of Big Data in healthcare domain to predict epidemics, cure disease and improve quality of life.

Read more on the Tapia Conference site.