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Embracing Civic Tech: Presidential Fellowship Focuses on Inclusion
BizVoice Magazine interview, 08/2021 issue

In Photos: Our Best View Yet Of A Glowing Galaxy Near The ‘Big Dipper’ That Hides A Supermassive Secret, 03/18/21

GSA Names New Presidential Innovation Fellows to Increase Innovation
ExecutiveGov, 10/20/20

Passion and Purpose: Meet the 2021 Presidential Innovation Fellows
General Services Administration, 10/19/20

Featured images by NSF’s National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory:
A (Galactic) Arm’s Length Away - galaxies NGC 672 and IC 1727, 05/06/20
Silver Galactic Sliver - galaxy NGC 891, 06/03/20
Cosmic Fireworks - galaxy NGC 925, 07/02/20
Deep Dive into a Galaxy Cluster - galaxy NGC 1003, 01/05/21
Unrivaled View of Galaxy Messier 106 - galaxy NGC 4258, 03/16/21

2020 Tech Trends and Predictions from High Alpha
High Alpha, 01/08/20

Magnetic Ropes Surround ‘Whale Galaxy’ 80,000 Light-Years Across, 12/27/19

NMSU astronomers contribute to discovery of giant magnetic ropes in galaxy’s halo
Las Cruces Sun News, 12/07/19

Astronomers Find Surprisingly Complex Magnetic Fields in a Galaxy’s Halo
Discover Magazine, 12/02/19

Study captures six galaxies undergoing sudden, dramatic transitions, 09/18/19

Investors Urge AI Startups to Inject Early Dose of Ethics
Wall Street Journal, 06/16/19

Zwicky Transient Facility nabs several supernovae a night
EurekAlert! by AAAS, 02/07/19

All the data in the sky, alerted via UW eyes
University of Washington News, 02/07/19

A thousand new objects and phenomena in night sky
Science Daily, 02/07/19

2019 Tech Trends from High Alpha
High Alpha, 01/16/19

Meet the CSWA: Maria Patterson
Women in Astronomy, 11/14/17

The Global Impact of Open Data
O’Reilly e-book (download), 09/2016

Open Data’s Impact: NOAA Open Data Portal
GovLab case study, 01/2016

Transitioning fields between a Ph.D. and postdoc
Science Magazine, 08/28/15

A Data Commons for Scientific Discovery
Campus Technology, 04/09/15