Civic tech career panel at Tapia Conference

We’ve organized a broadening participation in computing Birds of a Feather session at the 2021 Tapia Celebration for Diversity in Computing, entitled “Using Your Tech Skills In Public Service to Create Impact: Perspectives in Civic Tech.”

Technology touches every part of our lives. Increasingly, it is also how we interact with our government. From signing up for a COVID-19 vaccine to enrolling in unemployment insurance to applying for federal student loans, technology can dictate whether people get the help they need at key moments in life and whether they have a positive or negative experience with their government. This conversation will feature accomplished civic technologists in government—including many with private sector tech experience—who are working on high-impact tech projects around the pandemic, economic recovery, and other priority areas. Join us to hear why technologists choose to apply their skills in public service, learn about the work they are doing for the American public, and understand the many opportunities to get involved!

Chris Kuang, U.S. Digital Corps, General Services Administration

Masha Danilova, Presidential Innovation Fellow
Austin Hernandez, 18F, General Services Administration
Maria Patterson, Presidential Innovation Fellow
Tiffany Andrews, U.S. Digital Corps, General Services Administration

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