White House OSTP Open Data Roundtable

I contributed to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the Center for Open Data Enterprise’s 2016 Open Data Roundtable on Public-Private Collaboration, representing the academic and not-for-profit research perspective on how we can collaborate to support open data.

With several other organizations and companies working with big datasets, we worked on lessons learned and best practices for developing support for open data in a way that is beneficial to all stakeholders. From our data commons experiences, we advocated to make open data more discoverable and accessible with API-based services on top of interoperable “data commons” and for the need for support so that scientists/researchers and those familiar with the datasets can validate quality and also help develop tutorials/apps in data commons around clear use cases so that others can build a community around a good foundation of work.

Read the public-private collaboration on open data briefing paper, key takeaways, and the final report from the roundtable series from Open Data Enterprise and the OSTP.

Here’s a shot of me and Bob Grossman, excited to be at the White House. Pic courtesy of Walt Wells.


Shout out to Ed Kearns for the hook-up and the tip about the fancy delicious Presidential cupcakes.